Our sponsors are:
   The Irvine Valley College (IVC) Advanced Technology & Education Park (ATEP)
   LA Metro ACM SIGSoft (Software Engineerning SIG)
   IEEE OC Section
   IEEE OC Computer Society

Membership to the CyberSecurity SIG is free and open to all interested parties.

This is our mission:
We support monthly meetings on topics of interest.

  • Presentations Topics of general interest.
  • Seminars      Technical descriptions of particular topics.
  • Workshops     Hands-on activities.

We support education We will have listings of resources in CyberSecurity:

  • MOOC Classes
  • On-line Classes
  • Brick & Mortar Classes

We provide resources:

  • Electronic books (available for download)
  • Book listings (for purchase)
  • Articles & papers (available for download)
  • Software Links
  • Software (available for download)
  • Links to other resources (Academic, Government, Professional, Corporate)

We support Certification of members.

  • By providing resources
  • By holding Workshops & Seminars
  • Mentor program (as volunteers are available)
  • Academic resources in certification

Job Board

  • Outreach efforts to determine CyberSecurity needs
  • Listing of active jobs in Corporate and Academic organizations
  • Corporate & Academic partnering

We are an agnostic organization and support:

  • Publication of activities in other organizations
  • CyberSecurity SIG formation outside of our own