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IoT (Internet of Things) Security – Router Configuration

Steve Gibson recently described a router configuration (he calls “3 Dumb Routers”) that will separate your personal network from your IoT device network.  The setup involves 3 routers setup in a Y configuration. For details watch or listen to Steve’s Security … Continue reading

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Cyber Security: The Business View – A Dark Reading Virtual Event

Is your business prepared for a cyber breach? Join Dark Reading and top cyber security experts for this online event that will offer a comprehensive look at the security-related issues facing today’s businesses – and how you should respond.

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SlashDot Security Roundup

Today is a particularly active news day for CyberSecurity as reported by SlashDot. We have another high-profile hacking, this time the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper has been added to the Wall of Sheep. BlackBerrys can be cracked by … Continue reading

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Free Online CyberSecurity Course

Are you interested in learning more about cybersecurity? Cory Doctorow, a visiting professor at The Open University, is conducting a class called “Introduction to CyberSecurity.” While the current class started on October 13, 2015, it will no doubt be offered … Continue reading

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Juniper Backdoor

The recently disclosed backdoor in Juniper firewalls also covered extensively here poses a very interesting question. If the code was “unauthorized,” how did it get distributed? Rather than speculating in the post, I would like to present the opportunity for … Continue reading

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CyberSecurity SIG

CyberSecurity SIG

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